Setting the benchmark for innovation and quality, our high-tech grinding machines are widely used wherever metal is processed and can be found in state-of the art facilities across a diverse range of industries.

CNC Grinding

A grinding machine is a force multiplier in any production facility. It can produce a wide range of components in all manner of materials and in an array of hardened/coated conditions. Nothing compares to the precision of a CNC-ground surface. This precision is achievable thanks to decades of innovation and development. The CNC grinders of today are extremely capable production centres that can manufacture accurate parts at a blistering rate, so choosing the right grinding machine can make all the difference for manufacturers. 

With a focus on process efficiency, the latest machines offer economy and versatility in the production of a wide variety of workpieces and parts.

These include indexable inserts, rotary and profile tools, gear cutting and cold-forming tools, medical instruments and implants and turbine components for aero and power-generation engines.

Cost-effective mass production is ensured by the consideration of every process parameter providing customisation to the required grinding task through the supply of appropriate individual elements from the programming of grinding and simulation software to fully automated loading and unloading robots. The availability of a variety of turning stations and modules for the orientation and alignment of workpieces and pallet/ workpiece carriers with a wide range of grippers for parts handling offers maximum flexibility in use.

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