Since its foundation in 1938, German company Hermle AG has quickly risen to a position of international prominence and gained recognition as a prime innovator in the area of high-performance machining centres.

Hermle CNC Milling Machines

More than 23,000 Hermle machine tools are now in use world-wide, backed up by a comprehensive support network of which we are proud to be a part.

With their reputation for quality and precision, Hermle CNC machine tools are ideal for the demanding parts required by the modern aerospace, medical and automotive sectors.

In fact, thanks to Hermle milling machines, Gosheim in Germany where the company is based is regarded to be one of the industry’s leading centres for the metalworking in the world. Hermle machines are used to produce tools, moulds and production parts that are pivotal to suppliers of medical technology, the optical, aviation, automotive and racing industries, and in true German fashion, the results are efficient, precise and engineered to perfection.

We have been working with Kingsbury for just over 10 years and in that time they have become one of our most trusted and capable partners, their applications and service teams are of the very highest standard.

Franz-Xaver Bernhard, Member of the Board, Hermle

About Hermle

Since establishing his company in 1938, the basic principle of Berthold Hermle’s business has been to exceed industry standards. It’s this passion that’s driven Hermle milling machines to push further and further every year.

What’s more, Hermle understands that the key to growth is through innovation and investment. Its focus on an equally inspired and considered infrastructure, plus cutting-edge educational schemes, encourage and nurture fast-paced and sustainable growth in the industry.

Growth and the future are vital for success, which is why 12% of the entire Hermle workforce are trainees. Hermle provides training in a variety of fields, working with together with technical institutes, universities and professional academies to ensure its team are the best in the business.

Efficiency is key to exceeding industry standards. Hermle machines are readily capable of tool change assembly table assembly, spindle manufacturing, component assembly, fluid cabinet and spindle head assembly to suit the needs of the client. In order to be efficient, you need to be versatile, which is made possible with Hermle’s extensive inventory of parts and spares which are distributed from the new logistics centre in order to meet growing demand.

Today, thanks to their own stellar-service and the sourcing of quality products from a network of exclusive and trusted suppliers, this brand provides Hermle 5-axis milling machines to industry experts all over the world. As such, Hermle has propelled from the humble beginnings of a factory for bolts and machine screws to one of the world’s leading providers of CNC milling machines.

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