Adelbert Haas

A manufacturer of grinding machines and processes, Haas sets the bar for innovation, with over 60% of its products and processes developed in the last three years.

Adelbert Haas Grinding Machines

Haas is a fast-growing company with a strong, respectable reputation among its customers and competitors. Testimony to Haas’ growth and development–over 60% of the company’s products and processes have been developed in just the last three years. However, there’s also something to be said about the longevity and quality of Haas grinding machines–there are some on the German-based production floor from the 1950s which are still working and used today for specialist jobs.


Adelbert Haas cnc machines give you the confidence to manufacture top-quality products that have an appealing price per unit during production. The machines are brought and set up by a team of dedicated specialists to ensure that customers are up and running quickly and smoothly, so that you can start building your business and meeting the needs of your own customers.

Established in 1934 by Adelbert Haas, the company has gone from being one that builds universal grinding machines for local clockmakers, precision engineering, and medical engineering industries, to being a global-player. Now, Adelbert Haas grinding machines can be found on every continent and in a wide range of diverse and advanced industries.

Research & Development at Adelbert Haas

Today, research and development are vital to Adelbert Haas. Delivering perfection to its customers is the top priority. Experts from a number of disciplines, including engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, technicians, CAD technicians, and precision engineers work together to develop new grinding solutions and new grinding machines, as well as the software that runs them.

Adelbert Haas in the Medical sector

Did you know that the pioneering technology behind Adelbert Haas machines propels the innovation and advancements of the medical industry? So much so, that 1.4 million knee joint implants are made every year with Adelbert Haas technology. Furthermore, Adelbert Haas grinding machines manufacture medical instruments and artificial hip joints as well, to name but a few.

Adelbert Haas in Industry

Furthermore, the aviation and aerospace industries benefit from Adelbert Haas advancements as well. Adelbert Haas grinding machines prove to be economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. Materials such as titanium, nickel superalloys, Inconel or tungsten-molybdenum alloys are hard to machine and typically pose major challenges. Adelbert Haas grinding machines have excellent surface quality and dimensional stability, making them perfect to overcome previous challenges efficiently. The necessity for perfection motivates their work. Adelbert Haas is passionate about delivering quality products and is dedicated to providing the best grinding process to its clients.

At Adelbert Haas, our focus on support goes beyond our machines to finding the perfect solution for each customer. Kingsbury’s service ethos and focus on combining the right people, the right skills and products, perfectly complements our way of thinking.

Thomas Bader, Member of the Board, Adelbert Haas

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