Kingsbury’s grinding division: the story continues…

It’s just 9 months since we set up our new Grinding Division and the interest in the Haas range of machines available exclusively in the UK from Kingsbury continues to grow, resulting in new orders for medical sector applications with more in the pipeline.

From the compact footprint Multigrind CU developed for grinding precision machine tools to the unique Multicube 5-axis Multigrind CA & CB which offers a large working area for high precision parts with complex shapes, the Haas range offers solutions to meet a wide range of applications.

Designed with process efficiency in mind, the Haas range enables complete customisation to meet the new manufacturing needs of sectors where the increasing complexity of components and diversity of materials calls for the latest engineering thinking combined with state-of-art technologies.

It’s been an exciting journey since Haas first approached us about representing them in the UK, if a long time in the development. Grinding is a specialist process requiring dedicated skills to achieve the necessary high precision and fast production speeds these high-end machines are capable of.

Globally, grinding is still a relatively complex process for manufacturers. Both an art and a science and with very different considerations applying to the machine processes. Grinding calls for in-depth knowledge and skills in determining factors such as which coolant to use, work holding, harmonic of machine setup, wheel specification, skills moreover which are diminishing in the industry.

Key to our success is being able to offer the necessary end-to-end support to customers to give them the confidence they need and ensure advice is always on-hand in getting to know the new technology. Integral to our growing penetration of this market has been the time taken to create a total support infrastructure, which is ably led by Business Development Manager Dean Kiefer, assisted by Ryan Lakin as Senior Applications Engineer.

With extensive hands-on experience of a diverse range of grinding processes, Dean and the team can provide step-by-step guidance and training, and to work with clients in setting up and finetuning process elements to include programming and automation options to achieve the right results.

Having made its mark, the team will not be resting on its laurels.

Comments Dean: “It has been immensely satisfying to work with clients in the various sectors and to see their confidence grow to the point that they decide to adopt the technology. Our goal for 2018 is to keep moving forward, building on the momentum created to date, raising awareness and providing an enhanced service to include not just the machines but applications skills and ongoing support.”

Watch this space for more news and developments!

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