Zimmermann FZP27

This machine incorporates all the advantages of the FZU27, but for larger volume components. Aluminium, plastics and model board are their target materials, as is the finishing of Carbon Fibre and composite materials. The top-moving gantry also ensures high precision in the production of models and moulded parts. The standard version includes the tool changer for 12 tools and a control of the latest generation (Siemens or Heidenhain). End-user requirements can be met individually with regard to the design of the machine table.

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Cost-effective solution for light weight machining applications

Gantry configuration enables machine length variations up to 20 metres

Flexible configuration options to optimise process efficiency

  • A selection of size ranges up to 20m x 3.5m
  • Different table options to suit differing production processes
  • Retractable roof and dust extraction options ensure health & safety compliance during dry machining processes
Working Ranges* X-axis 3000 – 20000 mm
Y-axis 2500/3000/3500 mm
Z-axis 1500/1750/2000 mm
Table size Length 3000-20000 mm
Width 2500/3000/3500 mm
Height 250mm
Table load 3000kg/m2 (max. 20 t)
T-Slots (longitudinal) 18
Pitch of T-Slots 200mm
Drives Linear Axes
Feed rate X-, Y-axis up to 60 m/min
Feed rate Z-axis up to 40 m/min
Acceleration X-, Y-,Z-axis max. 3-5 m/s2
Dimensions Length 5380-22380mm
Width 5450-6460mm
Height 4360-6260mm
Accuracy Standard in accordance to VDI/DGQ 3441 or ISO 230-2

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What range of machine sizes fall within your LPM portfolio?

Typically, anything over a 1,500mm envelope. We can offer travelling column and portal gantry machines up to 40m in length. Turning tables run from 1,500mm through to 9,000mm in diameter. For tall components, we can offer standard machines up to 7m, with options to go higher if required.

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