C 250

The entry-level machine in the Hermle Performance-Line

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Insights into the C 250

  • The largest working area in relation to the installation area
  • Large collision circle between the table sections
  • The right chip disposal equipment for removing all types of chip from the working area
  • Comprehensive fluid technology
  • Can be transported without being dismantled
  • No need for a foundation

Key Features

Traverse path 600 x 550 x 450 mm
Body dia. 450 / H 355
Collision circle dia. 770 mm
Max. vertical table clearance 550 mm
Speed 15000/18000 1/min
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z 35 m/min
Rigid clamping table 800 x 616 mm
Max. table load 1100 kg

“Hermle machines are inherently very accurate and able to hold this tolerance easily. The spindle in particular has no discernible run-out. Machine construction is very rigid, which not only ensures accuracy but also leads to longer tool life. The cachet of having Hermle equipment on your capacity list is not to be underestimated.”

– George Boyce, Boyce Precision Engineering

For Boyce Precision Engineering, accuracy specified on the drawings is down to ± 20 microns on some aerospace parts and those for the pharmaceutical industry

Top quality machining centre has entry-level price.

There have been no compromises in the build quality of the C 250 machining centre or indeed its larger counterpart the C 400. The only limitation is that they are available with fewer options, which is the reason for their economical price.

Top quality machining centre has entry-level price

Hermle AG, a prominent German manufacturer of high precision, 3 to 5-a...

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