Principle Agency Relationship: Achieving More Together

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

The power of three is a well-recognised law, applied in all walks of life and across all beliefs. For us too, it’s not just about bringing together the right people with the right products. The extra ingredient that makes it all work is ensuring the right support, particularly when it comes to more complex projects such as those associated with our range of Large Prismatic Machines (LPM’s).

From the beginning, we set out to redefine the Principal/Agency relationship, focusing on the creation of added value and building on our strengths through closer collaboration.

Unusually for a distributor involved with extremely large Capital Projects, Kingsbury is not a commission agent: we buy and sell to our own account with complete responsibility for the total scope of supply, from point of sale to machine delivery and onward support during the equipment’s lifetime. Representing a considerable investment both of our time and our capital, this approach – which remains unusual in the LPM market, allows us the freedom to create the right kind of framework to deliver the level of support we see as essential to our customers in maximising the value of their purchase and delivering the best price/performance ratio. We remain totally invested in positive outcomes for the life of the project.

Over the years, we have worked hard to build an extensive team of applications and services engineers and technical sales professionals all contributing to the provision of a total support environment for our customers.

Our customers have seen the value of having a single point of reference which negates the difficulties with language and long-distance relationships, as well as being able to call on us for advice not just during the evaluation phase but in modernising and upgrading production facilities to meet changing requirements over time. For larger organisations, being able to access this level of expertise directly is something they expect, razor-sharp project control, proactive communication and above all else the necessary skill base to deliver.

And our principals?

Greeted with surprise when we first proposed the new way of working, our partners are fully on board and value our role in providing a local presence that can help forge the links necessary to build long-term relationships and brand familiarity

For us, continued development as a company that is technically strong and commercially established in our own right has helped us maintain a reputation for selling the best the market offers under the Kingsbury brand.

Above all, our success is based on teamwork: our people working closely together with our partners and end users enable us to deliver the added value our customers have come to expect.

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