Index B400

The universal lathe INDEX B400 impresses with its innovative machine layout and raises universal turning to a new dimension. The stiff and vibration-damping machine bed in mineral cast monoblock design ensures best results when machining complex workpieces from batch size 1. With a high spindle torque up to high spindle speeds, even difficult-to-cut materials can be machined powerfully and reliably. Special feature of the INDEX B400 is the completely newly designed and clearly structured work area for a variety of applications. With the optionally available counter spindle, rear-end machining can be carried out with high precision. The ergonomic design ensures quick setup and easy control of the machine. The proven INDEX iXpanel operating concept and the 18.5“ touch monitor provide the operator at any time with all relevant data for economical production and access to networked production.

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  • Pocket in the panel above the mainspindle ensures collision-free use of long boring bars.
  • Main spindle and tool turret can be accessed easily allowing fast and flexible setup and changeover.
  • Steep-sloping and smooth covers in the work area provide the ideal chip flow and prevents chip nests.
  • Clearly structured and ergonomic work area concept
  • Rigid mineral cast bed in 45° monoblock design for high accuracy
  • Work spindle with belt drive for high torques
  • Bar capacity dia. 82 mm, chuck up to dia. 315 mm
  • Orthogonal, linear Y-axis for high accuracy
  • NC tailstock with electrically controlled axis
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen – based on Siemens S840D sl
Working range Turning length mm 750
Main spindle Spindle clearance mm 82
Spindle head DIN 55026 Size A8
Max. chuck mm 315
Max. speed rpm 4,000
Drive power (100% / 40% DC) kW 16 /24
Torque (100% / 40% DC) Nm 375 / 550
Counter spindle Spindle clearance mm 65
Spindle head DIN 55026 Size A6
Max. chuck mm 175
Max. speed rpm 4,000
Drive power (100% / 40% DC) kW 8 /12
Torque (100% / 40% DC) Nm 79 /119
Tool turret Tool mountings DIN 69880, VDI 30 Number 12
Live tools Number 12
Max. speed rpm 6,000
Drive power (100% / 25% DC) kW 2.75 /5.5
Torque (100%/25% DC) Torque (100%/25% DC) 12 /19.5
Slide travel X mm 255
Slide travel Y mm ±60
Slide travel Z mm 750
Rapid traverse rate X/Y/Z m/min 40 / 20 / 40
Tailstock Mounting SK 30 or MK5
Max. pressing force N 10,000
Rapid traverse rate m/min 8.5
Cooling lubricant unit (basic unit) Pump pressure bar 8 /20
Tank capacity l 300
Pump capacity 8 / 20 bar l/min 80 /30
Filter fineness µm 200
Machine dimensions Length x width x height mm see installation plan
Weight kg 8,000
Connected power kW 52

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Suitable for a wide range of parts

With the universal turning machine B400, it is possible to machine a wide variety of workpieces from bars up to dia. 82 mm and in the chuck up to dia. 315 mm.


Blank dia: Ø 65 x 400 mm


Blank dia: Ø 250 x 230 mm


Drawn bar dia: Ø 78 mm

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