Index MS16

The INDEX MS16-6 / INDES MS16-6 plus combines the flexibility of modern INDEX CNC multi-spindle technology with the familiar productivity of cam-controlled machines. With 5 extremely rigid CNC grooving slides, optionally also drilling slides instead of grooving slides, and further machining slides with X- and Z-axes, almost all geometries and machining tasks can be managed with the ease of an ultra-modern open-front INDEX CNC multi-spindle machine. Shortest possible changeovers, ultra-high dynamics and lowest secondary times are the basis of minimal cost per part.

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Index MS16 multi spindle machine
  • the MS16 Plus offers exceptional ease of setup and more versatile machining options
  • On demand cooling by the fluid-cooling system minimising thermal growth of the spindle carrier.
  • The MS16 can engage several rear end machining tools on the NC cutoff slide with the X- and Z-axis in succession more quickly.
  • Grooving slide for maximum cutting performance with minimum machining time
  • Quick tool setup by INDEX W-serration
  • Spindle drum with individual drives of the work spindles
  • Cross-slide for flexible complete machining
  • CNC cutoff slide with extended stroke for rear end machining
  • Highly dynamic synchronous spindle with extremely short acceleration and deceleration times
  • Up to 22 mm bar diameter with version MS16 Plus
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen and INDEX C200 sl based on Siemens S840D sl
Working spindles 6 Max. bar diameter mm 22
Speed * rpm 10,000
Power (at 100%/25%) kW 8.7 / 15
Torque (at 100%/25%) Nm 10 / 18
Tool carrier / cross slide max. 5 Slide travel X mm 45
Slide travel Z mm 70
Tool carrier / cross slide max. 5
Slide travel X mm 45
Tool carrier / drilling slide max. 5 Slide travel Z mm 70
Tool carrier / cutoff slide max. 2
Slide travel X mm 14
Tool carrier / cutoff and back-boring slide max. 2 Slide travel X mm 94
Slide travel Z mm 79
Number of tools for rear end machining / synchronous spindle 2 or 3, of which 2 are live
Synchronous spindle max. 2 Max. clamping diameter mm 22
Speed * rpm 10,000
Power (at 100%/40%) kW 9.2 / 12
Torque (at 100%/40%) Nm 11 / 14
Slide travel Z mm 140
Dimensions, weight, and connection values (for maximum configuration level, without bar guide or loading magazine) Mass kg ca. 5,200
Length mm 2,599
Width mm 1,300
Height mm 3,044
Power consumption ** approx. 49 kW

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