SHW PowerSpeed 2000

Characteristics: flexible, uncompromising, configurable & powerful. Editions: milling machine, mill-turn-machine, head-change machine, twin column machine & pallet changing machine.

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SHW PowerSpeed 2000
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Configurable lengths
  • Configurable table and head options to suit a variety of workloads
  • Shuttle machining for offline setup
  • Duo machining to cut both sides of long components simultaneously

Milling heads

  • Universal heads
  • Fork milling heads

Workpiece handling

  • Clamping plate
  • Rotary table(s)
  • Turntable(s)
  • Pallet changers

Tool handling

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Tool magazine
  • Tool loading station

CNC Systems

  • Heidenhain
  • Siemens


  • We would like to introduce our extensive range of accessories in a personal discussion.
Travels (max. in mm) X axis (horizontal, longitudinal): 30.000
Y axis (vertical): 2.600
Z axis (horizontal-cross): 1.300
Milling head Universal, orthogonal milling head
Standard swivel range: A axis 180°
C axis 360°
Main drive/motor spindle Drive power in kW: up to 44 /70
Speed range in rpm: up to 8.000 /24.000
Speeds of movement
Feeds and rapid traverses
(X, Y, Z) in mm/min: up to 30.000
Acceleration in m/s² 3,5
Tool taper SK 50 BIG-PLUS
HSK 100 A DIN 69893
Versions Milling machine
Head-change machine
Twin column machine
Machine with pallet changer

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Power Generation

What range of machine sizes fall within your LPM portfolio?

Typically, anything over a 1,500mm envelope. We can offer travelling column and portal gantry machines up to 40m in length. Turning tables run from 1,500mm through to 9,000mm in diameter. For tall components, we can offer standard machines up to 7m, with options to go higher if required.

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