Additure is here to create a world in which additive manufacturing is easily understood and regularly adopted. We know how cautious the wider industry is about additive manufacturing: – The high investment costs – The ROI fears – The durability concerns – The overwhelming volume of technical jargon – The lack of clear education That’s why we’ll assure customers that additive manufacturing is the right solution, by showing them the benefits and advantages – rather than telling. We’ll assure them with easy-to-follow information and advice, giving them the confidence to invest. And if ever we aren’t the right fit, we’ll assure them of someone who is.

“Engineering Excellence” is at the heart of everything we do, from the people we employ and train, to the partners we work with, through to the service we deliver to our valued customers. Complex manufacturing requirements demand an understanding of not just the production processes themselves but material flow, WIP, stock control, cash conservancy and ultimately ROI. We fully understand these factors because we have been there ourselves. From our directors to our sales managers and beyond, our team were engineers first. This wealth of expertise means we do not just sell machines, we are able to collaborate with our customers to create solutions tailored to their unique needs.