Multi Spindle Series from Index Part 1


At the cutting edge of machine tool engineering, the Index Multi-Spindle family of lathes encompasses all the advanced features and flexibility you would expect from a world-leading manufacturer.

The Multi-spindle series from Index

A quantum leap in multi-spindle CNC machining technology

The Index MS Series. Unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy. Easy to use open architecture and an increase in price performance ratio of up to 40%. Changing technology and delivering a dramatic jump forward in turned part production.

  • Increase in price performance ration of up to 40%
  • No longitudinal slides – total freedom of movement
  • Unprecedented levels of accuracy

Traditional multi-spindles – how things used to be…

Widely used for turned part production, conventional machines with cam driven slides and restricted spindle speeds were difficult to set and noisy. Performing poorly on accuracy they were largely limited to the machine of free cutting materials.

Changing perceptions

In the Index multi spindle series work space has been maximized with no longitudinal slides allowing total freedom of access. CNC control with independent spindle speeds offers faster set up with the flexibility to handle lower batch sizes.

C access

With our own C access and independently CNC controlled, spindles can be run at any speed or in any direction and be employed or driven to work in any position. Internal or external tools can be deployed in each cross-slide position and moved as required for different processes.

  • C-axis rotation – independently CNC controlled to run in any speed or direction

Smoke generation

With substantial power in each spindle, smoke generation is controlled while some open architecture facilitates chip flow. Liquid cooling techniques are used control thermal growth. The result is unprecedented levels of accuracy with 0.02mm tolerances across all six spindles routinely held to 1.67 Cpk.

Over 2,000 machines sold worldwide

With over 2,000 machines sold worldwide the advantages offered by the Index multi spindle series are clear. Lower costs and shorter production times allow you to stay competitive while increased freedom and short runs mean greater flexibility in meeting customer needs.

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