Could Hermle’s HS Flex Be How You Get A Foothold In Automation?

More and more CNC machining companies are looking to automation solutions to increase their competitiveness – but for companies looking to gain a foothold, how do you take the first step?

Launched earlier this year, the new Hermle HS-Flex workpiece handling system was designed to overcome this first hurdle, providing a cost-effective entry solution to machining centre automation. Available for a range of Hermle models, the new system provides additional capacity and fast order throughput, while reducing hourly running costs.

‘Increasingly, automation is becoming a priority in staying competitive. Our job is to support customers through the transition, applying our expertise in this area to ensure the process goes smoothly and that the end result us right for them.’ Richard Kingsbury, Managing Director of Kingsbury UK

Offering an automated workpiece handling system at a low up-front investment cost, a key advantage of the HS-Flex is that it can also be retrofitted to automate existing machines. A stand-alone unit with a compact form factor which occupies a small footprint at the front of the machine, the HS-Flex system is easily installed, enabling extra flexibility and speed to be bolted-on with minimal delay.

Available for 3- to 5-axis machines including the C12, C22, C32 and C42 as well as the latest models C250 and C400 machines, the HS-Flex system incorporates a multi-level storage module that provides customisable pallet storage with numerous combination options to suit a large range of parts, with the option of a second module doubling the number of available positions for pallets for volume requirements. Pallets are transferred into the machining area and back again after the cycle has ended by means of a 3-axis handling unit. A front-sided design with double swing doors that work both ways gives operatives easy access to the working area, with good visibility during machining.

Hermle’s Industry 4.0-ready Information Monitoring System displays information on machine status in real time, viewable from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, for complete control.

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