Embracing i4.0 – Haas Multigrind® Horizon Software

Haas’ development of Multigrind® Horizon software was an investment that took significant time and effort to make Multigrind® grinding machines integrate beyond the art of grinding.

True to i4.0, Horizon opens up new opportunities for self-adapting grinding processes and live communication, while being user-friendly, transparent and performant.

The Multi grind Horizon software allows you to map and control significantly more complex processes through a method of programming to suit you. 

It will accept information from all the major software packages preferred within your business and integrate them with the grinding strategy and machine kinematics.

What’s more, Horizon software makes it possible to achieve high quality results in a shorter time.

Industry experts describe using the program like that of navigating a smartphone or tablet, thanks to its clean layout. The screen shows a 3D visual layout of the workpiece and the grinding paths. It maps out the grinding process parameters for the likes of clamping devices, the contours and geometry of the material. This shows what the available grinding tools and grinding operations in these four areas are:

  1. Grinding simulation in real time on the calculated object – visible after the entry of every parameter.
  2. Status simulation on the position of the workpiece in the machine.
  3. Material removal simulation.
  4. Process visualization, which shows a 3D display of data from the machine’s control unit.

Haas Horizon is easily customised thanks to the software’s open and flexible design, while also processing many different CADCAM data formats. Such is Haas’ commitment – all Haas grinding machines will be delivered with Multigrind Horizon software for all industry types with information screens honed to your requirements.

Dressing capabilities are fully adaptable and will even re-calculate a geometry as the arc of contact increases to extend wheel life, unattended machining time and lowering the cost per part.

Visibility is key as the simulation allows the operator to immediately identify problems throughout the grinding process and rectify them. For example, where a grinding process utilises complex tools that require specific clamping devices or components, the program highlights the collisions enabling the possibility for proactive correction and will self-adapt its cutting path shown onscreen prior to machining, averting the issue.

Data capture is assigned to your choice and product management system can be fully integrated.

Haas Horizon software is developed to be future proof. Multi-reading technology and multi-processors, open interfaces and options for customisation have been taken into consideration. The program comes with automated logging and bug tracking.

Find out more about Industry 4.0…

Find out more about Industry 4.0 by reading our guide or downloading the whitepaper.

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