Fanuc control option added to Index lathe

The SpeedLine ABC turning centre manufactured by Index-Werke has been a best-seller for many years and there are more than 2,500 in use worldwide. Now the German manufacturer is offering a version that it describes as a ‘value package’ fitted with a Fanuc 31iB control instead of its own Siemens-based C200 CNC system.

Due to the less costly control and omission of optional extras on the machine, its price is significantly lower. It will, therefore, prove popular with budget-conscious manufacturers as well as OEMs and subcontractors already using Fanuc controls extensively on their shop floors.

Indeed, some manufacturers buy exclusively machine tools with the Japanese control to avoid having to retrain staff and ensure a high level of productivity as soon as a new machine arrives. Such potential customers can now be approached by Index, or in the case of the UK and Ireland, by sole agent Kingsbury (

The slant-bed machine is capable of chuck work or turning from bar and is ideal for producing simple or complex components up to 60 mm in diameter. The 29 kW / 140 Nm / 6,000 rpm main spindle is opposed by a 4,500 rpm synchronous spindle mounted in a permanent position in the upper of two turrets. They both have exclusively live stations and together with a back working tool station can deploy up to 19 cutters between them.

The upper turret is used mainly for turning inside diameter features while the lower turret is typically for outside diameter machining. Up to three tools can be in cut simultaneously on two workpieces and idle times are particularly short owing to the compact design of the lathe, leading to low production costs per part.

The Fanuc 31iB control with 10.4” colour screen and electric handwheel is compatible with shop floor programming and accepts programs prepared off-line. Index-specific cycles include switching between metalcutting and sub-spindle functions using the single upper turret drive, as well as synchronising the spindles during component pick-up. Included also are advanced functions like polygon turning, thread milling and a dual check safety system to protect the operator and machine.

A further benefit of having Fanuc control and drive technology fitted is comprehensive service back-up and parts availability from the world’s largest CNC system manufacturer.


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