Machine in the spotlight – INDEX G420

The growing need for single set-up CNC machines for complex and quality components is becoming more apparent. What’s more, they need to be capable of performing a multitude of tasks, including small batch production. It’s key to staying competitive in the industry, which is where our latest machine in the spotlight comes in…

The INDEX G420 – a machine capable of producing large components within a compact footprint of just fifteen square metres – is at the forefront of versatile CNC milling machines. Manufactured by German lathe company, INDEX, this machine is only available in the UK, Ireland and the Gulf Cooperation Council through Kingsbury.


Features include:

  • Inherent mechanical stability
  • Best deflection resistance on the market
  • Generous linear guideways on X and Z axis
  • Highly dynamic movements and low vibration

Technical info:

Milling spindle: 26 kW / 12,000 rpm in the X, Y, Z and B axes at the top of a vertical bed feed from a 58-position magazine for HSK-T63 or Capto C6 tools.

INDEX G420 from Kingsbury

Y-axis stroke: ±170 mm

B-axis swivel: ± 115˚

X-axis: Travel of 750 mm

Turrets: Two X, Y and Z turrets mounted on vertical guideways that sit below the centreline between the 34/41 kW main spindle, and the identical counter spindle.

Why choose the INDEX G420

The machine’s hydrodynamic bearing support and symmetrical design ensure stability. This is achieved by teaming the Z-axis milling spindle with the linear scale feedback of the quill on the Y/B-axis.

Also, due to its polymer monobloc bed, the machine – which weighs around 23 tonnes – is inherently stable and does not need a special foundation, making installation relatively straightforward.

When it comes to the G420’s design, chip flow is directed away from the machining area into a conveyor, which can be mounted on either side of the product to help you make the most of floor space.

Compared to similar machines, the lathe of the G420 provides the best deflection resistance on the market and thanks to well-dimensioned X and Z-axis guideways, this machine has good damping properties too.

The lower tools of the CNC machine have 12 live stations with extra devices for demanding jobs – the great thing here is that there’s no need for additional set-ups. The INDEX G420 CNC machine has a ratio of 5:1 when it comes to static and moving mass. This means that it provides excellent stiffness while enabling highly dynamic movements with low vibration.

A network of cooling circuitry throughout the machine ensures thermal stability, which ultimately makes for a more precise outcome. Another benefit of the INDEX G420 is that stored energy from using the machine can be used elsewhere on another function, or to even to heat your factory.

Robotic handling and conveyor systems make automation a key benefit. The integrated 2-axis optional handling unit allows you to safely load and unload parts up to 20 kg and 120 mm in diameter. This is done by the 18.5-inch touch-screen, which enables intuitive set-up and control via softkeys. The machine runs the Industry 4.0-compatible iXpanel system from INDEX.

Click here to find out more information on the Index G420 machine.


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