Kingsbury signs exclusive deal with Gefertec

Kingsbury to be the sole distributor of GEFERTEC machines in the UK, Ireland & the Gulf.

Kingsbury announces that it will be the exclusive provider of GEFERTEC machines, after recently signing the Distribution contract which took effect on April 1st 2020. Kingsbury will be the only GEFERTEC supplier in the UK, Ireland and the Gulf.

GEFERTEC, the provider of arc machines, actively develops new methods for producing metallic parts, specifically where parts extend beyond conventional production processes. As such, GEFERTEC is very popular among designers and engineers for offering unique possibilities that are otherwise difficult, expensive or time-consuming.

“Kingsbury is a perfect partner for GEFERTEC with more than 60 years of experience in the relevant markets and industries. We share the same vision of offering our customers more than just hardware but looking for a long-term cooperation. With Kingsbury’s expertise and passion for manufacturing, we will make the benefits of 3DMP a success for our UK customers too.” – Tobias Röhrich – Gefertec

The manufacturer’s revolutionary 3DMP® technology is based on modern arc welding in the form of ready-to-use machinery. Richard Kingsbury, Managing Director of Kingsbury explains: “There are some tremendous advantages associated with WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing), chief amongst these is the use of wire as the raw ‘building’ material, as opposed to powdered metal. Gefertec are the only provider of the revolutionary 3DMP® technology, incorporated onto a machine platform that is controlled by the familiar Siemens 840D CNC, and this transforms the offering for Kingsbury customers.”

3DMP® technology is the combination of reliable arc welding and CAD for metal part production. GEFERTEC’s bespoke software uses CAD data and converts it into individual digital printing layers; CAM models, before the blank part is printed, followed by a 3D scan for quality control and subsequent milling to net shape. In comparison to conventional subtractive machining, 3DMP® is an economic and efficient additive manufacturing method. Savings in production costs can be up to 60%.

GEFERTEC and its 3DMP® technology, shuns traditional powder methods in favour of wire, which is used with great effect. Wire is a low-cost material that is easily stored and offers nearly 100% material utilisation. It is typically easier to use than powder and provides optimum processability, whilst presenting significantly reduced Health and Safety concerns.

From outstanding design freedom to new market opportunities, there are many benefits of GEFERTEC and the 3DMP®-process. These include:

● Innovations and new products.
● Higher deposition rates.
● Greater diversity of materials.
● Improved mechanical properties.
● Large parts up to 3 m³.

GEFERTEC is an award-winning provider of arc machines and the 3DMP®-process.

GEFERTEC previously claimed the top prizes for the German Design Award, the Deep Tech Award and the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award, as well as the Best of Industry Award. Richard Kingsbury is delighted to be working with such an esteemed name in the engineering world. He adds: “We are tremendously excited about this technology, whilst powder based systems often require part re-design to make economic sense of their 3d printing strategies, this is not the case with Gefertec. If the raw material is expensive and significant amounts of it are transformed into chips during the conventional subtractive machining process, then the commercial arguments for WAAM become compelling.”

Through GERFERTEC technology, Kingsbury can help you to lower process costs, material costs and overall investment costs. GEFERTEC is the most economically efficient additive method for the production of metallic parts thanks to its batch size of one and reduced number of manufacturing steps.

3DMP® technology could replace conventional machining and manufacturing for metal parts. From forming, cutting, joining, coating, milling, turning and more, GEFERTEC’s 3DMP® technology is what your business – and your manufacturing process – needs.

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