Adelbert Haas Multigrind® CA

The compact 5-axis grinding center with all the technical details. From precision tools and turbine blades to gearbox shafts and knee implants: You can grind just about anything on the Haas Multigrind® CA. Or more importantly, exactly what you want. The center features our Haas Multicube design with a cubic mineral composite base and symmetric arrangement. There are no mechanical surpluses and no projections. For maximum stability, vibration dampening and exemplary precision. Tool changers and automation make your grinding projects cost-effective and reliable.

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The Multigrind® CA offers an impressive level of precision and efficiency in serial production processes with low labor content.

  • Grind workpieces with a diameter of up to 250 mm and a length of up to 400 mm with typical precision.
  • The Multigrind® CA offers remarkable travel ranges (X-axis: 630 mm; Y-axis: 345 mm; Z-axis: 430 mm).
  • Depending on the grinding process, the Multigrind® CA can be equipped with grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 250 mm, and 12 wheels fit in the patented double-wheel changer, giving the operator increased flexibility to combine operations.
"Grinding spindles with two spindle ends Interface Konus Ø 31.75 mm
Power 100 % / 40 % ED 11.5 / 14.5 kW
Standard speed 8,000 rpm
Optional: one spindle end Interface HSK 50 E
Power 100 % / 40 % ED 11.5 / 14.5 kW
Standard speed 8,000 rpm
Optional: one spindle end Interface HSK 50 E
Optional: high frequency spindle available upon request
Machine table Clamping surface 1,000 x 440 mm
T-slots: Quantity 7
Distance 50 mm
Width 12H7 mm
Travel range X-axis 630 mm
Y-axis 345 mm
Z-axis 430 mm
C-axis rotation range 300°
Optional: X3-auxiliary axis Travel range 400 mm
Measuring system and feed
Linear axis resolution 0.0001 mm
Linear axis rapid feed 30,000 mm/min
Rotary axis resolution 0.001°
C-axis speed 150 rpm"
" Rotary axis (A-axis) Standard center height 175 mm
Speed as a spindle 1,000 rpm
Optional 2,600 rpm
Standard taper ISO SK 50 / center 70H5
Frontal drill pattern: pitch circle Ø 85 M8 (x4)
pitch circle Ø 79 M5 (x6)
Optional tool changer
Single-wheel changer: Tools: quantity / Ø 7 / 250 mm to 13 / 100 mm
Two-wheel changer: Tools: quantity / Ø 14 / 250 mm to 25 / 100 mm
Workpiece size Ø 260 mm
Length 500 mm
Length between the tips 450 mm
Electrical supply Voltage rating 400 V/50 Hz fused with 63 A
Control Siemens continuous path control system
Sinumerik 840D sl
Pneumatics Operating pressure 6 - 10 bar
Weight Total weight depending on equipment from 8,500 kg
Space required Length x width 2,621 x 2,400 mm
Height during operation 3,200 mm"

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