Traub TNL20

The machine concept of the TNL20 has been systematically matched to the daily requirements of the user. So the kinematics of the machine allows effective and simultaneous machining with two or three tools.The generous and vertically arranged work area provides for the necessary degrees of freedom, as well as for very high process reliability. The machine’s crucial productivity advantage is the result of its extraordinarily high dynamics. The newly developed machine bed from gray cast iron forms the basis for utmost vibration dampening properties. And the high rigidity and thermal stability ensure optimum workpiece quality.

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Traub TNL20 sliding headstock automatic lathe
  • Simultaneous machining with 2, 3 or 4 tools
  • High tool pool for set-up-friendly production
  • Short tool changing times by means of CNC indexing axis in the tool turrets and in the front working attachment
  • Generous and process-reliable work area
  • Intelligent automation through the integrated robot cell iXcenter

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