New turn-mill centre from Index

The second generation of the INDEX G200 turn-mill centre, launched at the AMB 2016 show in Stuttgart during September, is available in the UK and Ireland through Kingsbury, sole sales and service agent for the German manufacturer.

The twin-spindle machine, which has a compact footprint similar to that of its predecessor, has been extensively improved. Distance between centres is up from 400 mm to 660 mm, a second tool carrier has been added below the spindle centreline, reducing cycle times by typically 30 per cent, and the speed of the B-axis milling spindle has been increased from 2,000 rpm to 7,200 rpm. The result is a flexible, three-turret lathe for highly productive, complete machining of bar stock up to 65 mm diameter and chuck parts up to 165 mm diameter.

A significant change compared to the first-generation G200 is that the heavily ribbed, low-vibration, cast machine bed is arranged vertically, a design that INDEX pursues in almost all its new products. Although such machines tend to be slightly taller, they have a smaller footprint and provide extra space in the working area, permitting all three tool carriers to work simultaneously at either the main or counter spindle without interference. The fluid-cooled spindles are identical, rated at 32 kW / 170 Nm / 6,000 rpm.

The two lower turrets are arranged in mirror image, each having a ± 45 mm Y-axis. They contain 14 tool stations, all of which can be equipped with live tools driven at up to 7,200 rpm by a 16 kW motor. The turrets may be parked outside the machining area, giving the top tool carrier unrestricted access to the workpiece, for example to allow collision-free machining without stopping along the entire length of a shaft.

The upper tool carrier deploys a 14-station turret and an integrated, HSK-A40 milling spindle. It has ± 65 mm of Y-axis movement and a 360-degree swivelling B-axis. In addition to its elevated speed range, the 845 mm horizontal travel covers the complete turning length of 660 mm, without having to rotate the B-axis as is often the case on other lathes.

With Industry 4.0 in mind, the INDEX Xpanel i4.0 focuses on productivity and ease of use. Building on the Siemens S840D sl, it reduces the complexity of control operation. For example, many elements of the control panel have been integrated into the 18.5” widescreen display, which uses the latest capacitive touch technology. It is possible at the push of a button to toggle between the control screen and a second screen displaying, for example, INDEX Virtual Machine for cycle simulation and crash detection.

Furthermore, an optional PC installed in the control cabinet allows the NX CAM system, supported by an INDEX post-processor, to run directly on the machine. From the control panel, the machine operator can also obtain information from a network, such as component drawings and tool data to assist set-up.

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