New Turn-Mill centres for more powerful machining

The common platform launched in 2018 for the manufacture of two universal turning machines, the B400 from INDEX and the TNA400 from its subsidiary Traub, has been expanded with the addition of the B500 and TNA500 with larger, more powerful spindles.

The four machines have much in common, as the mineral cast bed, slideways and covers are identical. One difference is the control, the INDEX B400 and B500 being fitted with a Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl and the TNA400 and TNA500 with Traub’s Mitsubishi-based TX8i-s V8 control. Another distinction is that the main and counter spindles on the new 500 series lathes are A11/A8, one size up from the A8/A6 spindle on the 400 series and delivering 40 per cent more power and torque.

To support long workpieces, TNA lathes offer the possibility of using a tailstock mounted on generously dimensioned roller guideways. As an option, the machines are available instead with a counter spindle for complete machining of parts on the reverse end after part-off and synchronous pick-up.

In the counter spindle versions, all machines are equipped with an INDEX radial turret. New is the option of selecting VDI40 holders instead of VDI30, enabling a slightly larger turning diameter and providing the live tools with higher torque. The twelve tool stations are equipped with the patented W-serration whose profile ensures that the holders can be aligned quickly and accurately.

Alternatively, a turret with axially driven VDI40 tools can be specified on the TNA 400 and TNA 500, which is advantageous when using large, solid drills or boring bars as the forces are transmitted directly into the turret.

Options are available for economical machining of larger batch sizes, such as a package for adding a barfeed consisting of a hollow clamping cylinder, a remnant removal unit and a workpiece handling system with conveyor.

From 2020, all four machines will be prepared for use with the iXcenter robot cell equipped with an iXpanel whose operating system is Industry 4.0-ready. The system includes a space-saving, vertical storage unit for up to 22 pallets to facilitate automated production. A robot loads the pallet store with raw material and can remove pallets with finished components at any time without interrupting machine operation.