Overturning perceptions

Think multi-spindle machines are inflexible, inaccurate and noisy? Think again!

Index’s latest multi-spindle machines are transforming turned parts production. A simple yet genius redesign of the multi-spindle concept is saving millions of pounds for parts manufacturers, cutting production and setting times by up to 80%, boosting productivity to previously unimaginable levels and delivering an impressive increase in ROI.

Working at the leading edge of technology, our aim is to deliver continual innovation. The next generation Index MS Series brings outstanding speed and accuracy while giving manufacturers greater flexibility to meet customer needs, now and into the future.

What’s got people talking?

A few fundamental differences set the Index MS series apart from anything that has gone before – changes that facilitate unprecedented accuracy and superb chip control, whilst dramatically reducing the batch sizes required because of the flexibility in changeover.

Through the elimination of longitudinal slides and redistribution of the tool carriers around the drum periphery, Index has created more workspace with total freedom of access, resulting in improved ergonomics and unrestricted chipfall. With its open architecture, the Index MS series enables rapid changeover between jobs, while independently CNC controlled spindles, equipped with unprecedented levels of power, allow unrestricted machining at each spindle location.

In a complete rethink of multi-spindle design, the spindle drum rotation is in and of itself a closed loop axis, whilst the drum is clamped on centreline through the employment of a three-ring Hirth Tooth Coupling, delivering geometric precision and stability. Additionally, hydrostatic bushings employed to support the tool slides, prevent the migration of vibrations between the spindle operations whilst totally eliminating slide wear.

With over 2,000 machines sold worldwide isn’t it time you found out how the new generation Index MS series can put you on the inside track? Watch our two-part video series

Working together with our principals we are changing the world of production one step at a time: watch our blog for more news on ground-breaking developments, as we report on the latest developments in CNC machining.

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