Maximising volume and accuracy in Aerospace: strategies and requirements

Are you ready to increase your capacity?

The demand for aircraft, particularly single-aisle airbus, have increased sharply following the end of the pandemic.

Because of this, aerospace subcontractors and manufacturers like you will soon be required to produce a colossal amount of parts. With such high production figures, competition and profit margins can become frighteningly slim.

And increased production brings new challenges.

To stay competitive and overcome these challenges, we’ve compiled a simple guide which explains in clear English what you’ll need to optimise your production.

You’ll learn:

  • Why new global developments are accelerating UK aerospace manufacturing.
  • What you’ll need to maximise your utilisation and capacity.
  • Strategies to optimise metal removal rates, reliability and accuracy for both aluminium and titanium.
  • The importance of a great service partner.
  • Why you may need new machines.

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We understand your aerospace & defence challenges:

Achieving your goal of round-the-clock aerospace production presents two key challenges:



Utilisation depends heavily on being able to move from one part to another as efficiently as possible – smoother change over, less downtime.

Are your machines, processes and operators capable of achieving over 85% overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?

Could you easily increase your production capacity when contracts expand? If not, you may lose out to your competitors.

Accuracy & Repeatability

Accuracy, too, is a major concern. Parts leaving production should always be right first time, especially in batches of one.

As your utilisation and production increase in the coming months and years, accuracy may suffer. Retaining repeatability during intense periods takes the right machines and the right know-how.

How can our Large part machining team help you prepare for the future?

Great machines backed up by great engineering


Large Part Machines are production powerhouses, but they’re also complex, expensive and require strong support.

We understand that if you spend huge sums of money on a new machine, you’ll need to be utilising that machine fully to reduce cost-per-part. Similarly, your machines need unshakable accuracy and reliability if your business is to make a profit.

This is where Kingsbury comes in.

To help, we offer a combination of great machines with powerful automation, coupled with unparalleled engineering expertise and attentive customer service.

The result: your business can produce more, with fewer mistakes and is prepared to meet any aerospace manufacturing challenges.

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