Kingsbury supports £22.5m landing gear project, iBREAK, in collaboration with Airbus.

3D-printing the next generation of landing gear. 

Kingsbury will play a crucial role in developing and manufacturing major landing gear structural components, as part of a multi-million, Government-backed green air research project. 

iBREAK is a collaborative project between industry giants, Airbus, and 15 other businesses, academics and research organisations. The project is valued at £22.5 million, and will fund the vital research and development of greener landing gear structural components. 

Funding comes from the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), and was unveiled alongside other greener air travel initiatives at the Paris Air Show 2023, in partnership with the Government’s Department for Business and Trade.

iBREAK will call upon innovative machining techniques and technologies, such as powder hot isostatic pressing, composite manufacturing, and 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing), to help radically increase the competitiveness of aircraft production, and reduce its time to market and industrial CO2 footprint by as much as -30%.

We’re delighted to work alongside Airbus and like-minded partners on the iBREAK project. Additive manufacturing has the power to revolutionise aircraft design and development. We believe adopting 3D metal printing for the next generation of landing gear will be key in delivering faster, smarter and greener air travel

Martin Hamill
Business Development Manager – Additive, Kingsbury

We deliver industry-leading additive manufacturing technologies.

Kingsbury, and its sister company, Additure, offer end-to-end production solutions for additive manufacturing – offering two of the industry’s leading and most trusted technologies. 

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing filament

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) delivers the most cost-effective process, without compromising surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Kingsbury is proud to supply GEFERTEC machines, whose 3DMP© process can revolutionise your production efforts and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 60%.

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SLM 3d printed part

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) enables production-ready 3D metal printing and complex assemblies by building up intricate layers of metal powder and melting them together.

Kingsbury is proud to supply SLM Solution machines, whose pioneering use of multi-laser, powder bed fusion systems has changed additive supply chains forever.

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