Zimmermann FZP42

The FZP42 is the largest and heaviest-duty variant of the FZP series machines. The Twin Bridge portal milling machine is designed for machining aluminium, titanium and steel components in a wide range of industry sectors and is available in either 5-axis or 6-axis configurations. Thanks to the huge and particularly rigid twin bridge central portal, the FZP42 can meet the increasing requirements of a wide range of industry sectors. The range is available with either 2-rotary axis or 3-rotary axis heads, spindle changers for roughing and finishing, turning tables and shuttle-type machining for offline setup. This thermo-symmetrical structure makes the FZU42 less susceptible to thermal growth, delivering consistent component accuracy across multiple production shifts.

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Adaptable to multiple industry demands through a flexible configuration that matches the machine envelope to your specific workload dimensions

Thermo-symmetrical construction makes the FZP37 less susceptible to adverse ambient conditions, ensuring excellent component accuracy and surface quality

The associated increased stiffness delivers higher performance machining capabilities

  • Gantry structure can be varied in length up to 40m and width up to 6m, with Z-axis stroke options up to 3m, adapting to a wide range of workpiece sizes
  • Extensive equipment options for process optimisation tailored to your workload, including 2 and 3-rotary axis heads, turning table options and shuttle machining configuration for offline setup
  • The 5/6-axis portal milling machine is compact, very flexible, highly accurate, customisable, space-saving – and extremely thermostable
  • The FZP42 can be equipped with automation to maximise machine utilisation and productivity
Working ranges X-axis 3000 – 40000 mm
Y-axis 2500 – 6 000 mm
Z-axis 1250 – 3000 mm
Table Size Length 3000-40000mm
Width 2500-6000mm
Table load max. 15000 kg/m2
T-Slots (longitudinal) 18(H12)
Pitch of T-slots 250mm
Machine table above floor level/on floor level
Drives – Linear Axes Feed rate X-, Y-, Z-axis - up to 60 m/min
Acceleration X-, Y-, Z-axis - up to 3 m/s2
Dimensions Length 6100-43100mm
Width 7200-10700mm
Height 5700-8950mm
Accuracy Standard accuracy in accordance to VDI/DGQ 3441 or ISO 230-2
Special accuracy on request

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What range of machine sizes fall within your LPM portfolio?

Typically, anything over a 1,500mm envelope. We can offer travelling column and portal gantry machines up to 40m in length. Turning tables run from 1,500mm through to 9,000mm in diameter. For tall components, we can offer standard machines up to 7m, with options to go higher if required.

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