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The journey of a rail sector giant

When faced with a 10 month lead-time for an urgently needed part through conventional processes, Deutsche Bahn sought an alternative route to manufacture an operation-critical, secondary roll stop safety component.

In collaboration with GEFERTEC, GOM UK and Seco Tools, Kingsbury have recreated this extraordinary journey, showcasing the economic potential of additive manufacturing, documenting the processes and interviewing the key decision makers involved.

Additive manufacturing with Kingsbury

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing enables parts with complex geometric shapes and hollow structures to be produced and is used in several industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, tooling, healthcare, as well as research and development.

Kingsbury is proud to represent two leaders in metal additive manufacturing technologies, GEFERTEC and SLM Solutions

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Apart from the extended lead-time for delivery, we would also have had to pay serious money for the initial tooling.

None of this was an option for us. We needed to reduce downtime of the railcars drastically to get them back into service quickly and economically. So we decided to 3D print the components using the WAAM process. 

A cooperation was set up with GEFERTEC, which manufactured the parts at its headquarters near Berlin. We were able to reduce the lead-time by five months, added to which the overall cost was 30 percent lower.


– Florens Lichte, Head of Additive Manufacturing at Deutsche Bahn

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