Machine Category: Turning Machines

Kingsbury has more than 50 years of experience in the supply, installation and set-up of high quality, precision lathes from the most respected continental manufacturers.

Index TNX65 mill/turn machine

Traub TNX65

Traub TNL32 sliding headstock automatic lathe

Traub TNL32

Traub TNL20 sliding headstock automatic lathe

Traub TNL20

Traub TNL 12

Traub TNL12

Traub TNA600 turning machine

Traub TNA600

Traub TNA500 turning centre

Traub TNA500

Traub TNA400

Traub TNA300 universal turning machine

Traub TNA300

Hermle C 62

Hermle C 62

Index V160C

Index R200 turn-grind centre

Index R200

Index G220 mill/turn machine

Index G220